Yes! Don’t be fooled by our products’ meat-like taste and texture because our products are completely vegan & vegetarian friendly.

Sensible Meats products get their protein from vital wheat gluten, which is the result of stripping wheat flour of everything but gluten. Not only does it provide high levels of protein, but it also is an excellent source of minerals and low in carbs & fat.

No. None of our plant-based products are gluten-free because vital wheat gluten is a key ingredient in our recipes.

Yes. Our products are non-GMO.

No. Our products are free from soy.

At this time, our products are not organic. To use all-organic ingredients would require us to raise our prices and we want to keep everything affordable. So instead we’re focusing on sourcing our ingredients from local places in Canada, when possible.

All of our products are best stored in the freezer for optimal taste & texture, and longest shelf life. They can also be stored in the fridge if the freezer is not an option.

When unopened in the fridge, Sensible Hot Dogs can last up to 6 weeks. If the package is open, they’re good for about a week.

If you buy our products from the refrigerated section, you can refreeze them to extend their freshness.

At Sensible Meats, we’re looking for more ethical ways to create some of our favourite meat products.

Since our products are plant-based, no animals or animal-based products are involved. As well, we source our products from local places here in Canada to ensure ethical and environmentally-friendly practices are followed.

You can cook our Sensible Hot Dogs in a variety of ways, including:

  • Grill: Brush grill lightly with oil. Grill at medium heat for 4 minutes, flipping consistently to avoid sticking
  • Frying Pan: Add one teaspoon of oil to the pan. Cook at medium low heat for 4 minutes, flipping consistently to avoid sticking
  • Microwave: Microwave on high for 45 seconds to 1 minute
  • Campfire: Place on hot dog stick and cook for 4 minutes

Not recommended for boiling

Our products are made completely from ethically-sourced, plant-based ingredients. These ingredients include, but are not limited to, mushrooms, pea & wheat protein. Wheat germ, that provides extra vitamins and minerals, proteins and healthy fats.

For the full list of ingredients, see the backs of our products’ packaging.

The majority of our ingredients are sourced locally here in Canada (mainly Alberta & BC). The one exception is the mushrooms in our hot dogs that are imported from China.

We source our canola oil from a company in Alberta.

Canola oil has a bad rep for being unhealthy and having GMO. Because of this, we decided to use cold-pressed canola oil instead.

Cold-pressed canola oil means the canola seeds were put in a press in a heat-controlled environment to extract the oil. This ensures that the flavour and nutrients are preserved unlike in the regular high temperature and chemical-based method.

Another benefit of this method is that cold-pressed canola oil is non-GMO.

Unlike the mystery meat of regular hot dogs, you know exactly what you’re getting when you eat one of our Sensible Hot Dogs. You get the great taste and texture of hot dogs with the bonus of eating healthier.

As well, we source all our ingredients (*except mushrooms) and manufacture our products here in Canada. This way we have full oversight of the production process from start to finish, which ensures ethical and environmentally-friendly practices are followed.

Use our store locator to find a store near you that sells Sensible Meats products.

Yes! We are constantly researching and developing new plant-based products to add to our product line. We’re not planning on stopping here!